Benjamin Verdoes


Benjamin Verdoes is a songwriter from the Pacific Northwest often known for his unorthodox approach to composition. In the last decade he has written four albums, two as a part Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band (Dead Oceans). The Evil Eye, which he began composing in 2011, was the first recording released under his own name via Brick Lane Records. Verdoes, a multi-instrumentalist, has spent the last five years developing as a producer and beat-maker. His most recent work, The One & The Other continues a pattern of experimentation and curiosity. He also currently plays alongside Nathan Quiroga in the emerging Seattle band Iska Dhaaf.

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    • Consequence of Sound - “…reveling in the haunting reverb effects and chilling rhythms… an intoxicating look at what to expect from [Benjamin Verdoes] as a producer.”

      Wonderland Magazine - “‘Highly Emotional’ is an enticing glimpse into the next phase of Verdoes’ career.”

      Notion Magazine _ “His production and vocals are similar to SOHN; slow-burning but with a satisfying cinematic feeling. ‘Night-walk’ is an unbelievably well-developed track; dark, sensual and addictive”

      We Close Tonight - “There’s not a moment in [Highly Emotional] that does anything other than lure you in.”

      Seattle Met Magazine - “[The One & The Other] finds Verdoes exploring new sonic territory with a lyrical narrative driven by hushed vocals and dark layered electronic sounds that evoke the simultaneous terror, wonder, love, and heartache of city nights.”

      Stereogum - “Evil Eye sounds like Death Cab might after binging on old Motown records”

      Seattle Met Magazine - “Benjamin Verdoes' The Evil Eye comes in at #7 on the Top Seattle Albums of 2014”

      Buzz & Howl - “…a masterpiece of delicate words…” on The Evil Eye

      Secretly Important - “Every note and every heavy breath on this album feels honest and vulnerable, there’s no concealing the heartfelt emotions that Verdoes delivers.” on The Evil Eye