Iska Dhaaf


Iska Dhaaf (taken from Somali, translated roughly to “let it go”)

Inspired by Sufi poetry, limitation, and an obsessive preoccupation with writing, Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes have fused their seemingly disparate musical and personal backgrounds into something searching and honest. Their songs, with heavy rhythms and cutting melodic hooks, are at once infectious and sweetly disarming

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    • The Stranger - Iska Dhaaf’s Even the Sun Will Burn comes in at #2 on the Top Seattle Albums of 2014

      The Portland Mercury - “Even the Sun Will Burn… is both fully contemporary and decidedly uninterested in current trends… And there’s a particular Northwest sensibility that’s trickier to put into words: poppy, melancholic, loud, rain-dipped, and lightly, almost gently psychotic. It covers both dance and rock while fortunately evading "dance rock” territory; it’s filled with hooks and weird left turns; it’s very good.“

      Louder Than War - ”[T]hey play this spooked, melancholic music that captures the rainswept vistas of that great city and their music is captivating, emotional and powerful.“

      Mad Mackerel - "In many, many ways it is an album of contrasts – joyful and melancholic, subtle and brutal, uncompromising and welcoming it mixes punk, psychedelia, indie rock and even dream pop into a triumphant whole that manages to be much more than the mere sum of its parts.”