You Are Plural


“The best is yet to come.” We can feel it in our hearts, and hear it too. On You Are Plural’s first full-length album Rabbit Rabbit, Ephriam Nagler returns to lend his sonorous vocals and hard-hitting sound on Wurlitzer. Joining him once again is the soulful, golden voice of Jen Grady, who is equally masterful on cello. An even tighter departure from their two previous EPs, newest member Chad Austinson brings the perfect balance of rhythmic beats on drums that practically float alongside the melodic chorus of songs like We Are Cold Inside and title track Rabbit Rabbit.

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    • Impose Magazine - “…I can say with assurance that the indie-pop scene is in for an upheaval. …You Are Plural consists of drummer Chad Austinson, and the multitalented Ephriam Nagler and Jen Grady, both of whom have voices of angels; Nagler’s trenchant and lucid vocals sound uncannily similar to those of Sufjan Stevens. Pair that with the instrumental coupling of a Wurlitzer and cello and we see a door opened into a new corner of modern day pop music.”